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This woman writes so eloquently and beautifully about her struggles with mental health. She’s strong and shares many insights and realisations, ones I wish I’d had long before now. Give it a read x

Lucent Madness

Themes: Suicide

(Before you delve into the mess below, I just wanted to mention that the announcement I made a couple of weeks ago regarding something new coming to Lucent Madness (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, its on my Instagram _lucentmadness) is nearing its debut! I am hoping it will be ready to go over the next two weeks, as I was waiting on a few things to be confirmed before it could launch. Hopefully by the next post, it’ll be inside your eyeballs!)

Sometimes I wish that I possessed the ability to foresee certain outcomes of situations as I am sure a lot of us do. I spent some time earlier this year drafting a post about navigating failure and searching for the confidence to rise above it, and live authentically.

I wrote it at a time of confusion and I wasn’t really aware of…

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