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Step 1: Acknowledging the need for help

So I'm really struggling at the moment but I've just kept going and denying that anything is wrong. I've been pushing myself and trying to dive headfirst into being a mum and forgetting about myself as a person. I've noticed I have been quite irrational, argumentative and overly emotional over the last few months but… Continue reading Step 1: Acknowledging the need for help

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Overcoming Judgement

As a young mum I somewhat expected to encounter a couple of side glances or comments under the breath but the reality of it really did shock me. I discovered I was pregnant after feeling a bit off for a couple of weeks, did a test on the fluke and lo and behold it was positive; I was nineteen and yes, it was a surprise. However, it surprised me how many people asked me ‘are they a mistake?’ when we announced I was pregnant to people.


Rediscovering the Outdoors

Before having Aria, I used to absolutely love being outside. Come rain or sun, wind or snow, I would constantly be out walking, I could walk for miles and it wouldn’t phase me in the slightest. I used to love sitting by a river and listening to the water rush over the rocks, listening to the birds nattering to each other up above and the occasional dog and their companion barking at one another.