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Step 2: Building a Support Network

Some people shut themselves away and close off when they have depression and anxiety. I am personally fairly guilty of this. It might appear that I have friends, I talk to my friends from school almost daily via a group chat and I have my husband, children and family. However, that doesn't mean that they… Continue reading Step 2: Building a Support Network

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Step 1: Acknowledging the need for help

So I'm really struggling at the moment but I've just kept going and denying that anything is wrong. I've been pushing myself and trying to dive headfirst into being a mum and forgetting about myself as a person. I've noticed I have been quite irrational, argumentative and overly emotional over the last few months but… Continue reading Step 1: Acknowledging the need for help

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Chinese Crispy Chilli Beef

I recently shared a picture of the amazing Chinese Crispy Chilli Beef that my husband made and it got a little bit of love. My husband absolutely loves cooking and trying to perfect his recipes and its only fair to say that he has finally nailed it. I can't even tell you how many times I've tried and tested this recipe, so please know that a lot of love and sacrifice went into this recipe!

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This woman writes so eloquently and beautifully about her struggles with mental health. She’s strong and shares many insights and realisations, ones I wish I’d had long before now. Give it a read x

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Themes: Suicide

(Before you delve into the mess below, I just wanted to mention that the announcement I made a couple of weeks ago regarding something new coming to Lucent Madness (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, its on my Instagram _lucentmadness) is nearing its debut! I am hoping it will be ready to go over the next two weeks, as I was waiting on a few things to be confirmed before it could launch. Hopefully by the next post, it’ll be inside your eyeballs!)

Sometimes I wish that I possessed the ability to foresee certain outcomes of situations as I am sure a lot of us do. I spent some time earlier this year drafting a post about navigating failure and searching for the confidence to rise above it, and live authentically.

I wrote it at a time of confusion and I wasn’t really aware of…

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Overcoming Judgement

As a young mum I somewhat expected to encounter a couple of side glances or comments under the breath but the reality of it really did shock me. I discovered I was pregnant after feeling a bit off for a couple of weeks, did a test on the fluke and lo and behold it was positive; I was nineteen and yes, it was a surprise. However, it surprised me how many people asked me ‘are they a mistake?’ when we announced I was pregnant to people.


Rediscovering the Outdoors

Before having Aria, I used to absolutely love being outside. Come rain or sun, wind or snow, I would constantly be out walking, I could walk for miles and it wouldn’t phase me in the slightest. I used to love sitting by a river and listening to the water rush over the rocks, listening to the birds nattering to each other up above and the occasional dog and their companion barking at one another.